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My Biggest Failure

20 September 2013 | Category: Default | Author: Joe Delghingaro


What is your biggest failure?


I have noticed this question pop up a lot more on LinkedIn and high-ranking executives taking the reins to answer it. I know anytime I am in an interview, I am in the mindset that I need to be perfect. This is not realistic viewpoint or is it the angle the question should be answered. The point of this question is to address a time when you made a mistake, how you learned from it and/or what corrective action was to prevent it from happening again.
My biggest failure began in December 2010 when I received news that the owners were not going to continue the risk of keeping RKJ Enterprises open. (For more information about this read it is the second box down) The economy in Rockford was sharp and steady decline, and there were no signs of improvement. Through my years working at RKJ, I had employees that I now call friends, and I led them as many as they pushed me. We all wanted to turn around this business with its waning image and pump excitement back in there.
Now we sit not long before the holidays, and I have the worst news to deliver. “Merry Christmas, go find a job!” I still look back to this, and it makes my stomach drop because I stood up to their weddings and met their grandparents.
The failure was not acting sooner, since the “writing was on the wall” and it had been for some time. We all knew what was going on, but I had on my blinders.  I led my sheep right into the Wolf’s den, and they we were all slaughtered. Every month I gave the speech like Kurt Russell from “The Miracle” – “Great Moments are made from great opportunities…”
Then it happened, and now we are three years later, what was the outcome? None of us wanted to lose, and that’s what walking away was. (Even if it were out of our control) My employee’s friends? They got out of Rockford, which is still holding high unemployment, and they found awesome jobs in other industries. Me? I hold a lot of guilt for not acting sooner, and I am looking for a career once again (as of time of writing this), But I love life, I live every day to the fullest. Something I was not able to do three years ago. I must have learned a lot.

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