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Plans for the Future

15 September 2013 | Category: Default | Author: Joe Delghingaro

What are my goals for the future?


To answer this question I have to break this down a few times. First, what are my short term and long term goals? Second, what are my professional and personal goals?
I would define short term as anything in the period of five years or fewer. My number one goal is to obtain my CPA license. I see more than ever how invaluable this designation is, and I do not want to wait any longer to obtain it. I hope to be professionally established in a good career where I am continually being challenged to learn new things and find efficiencies to make a system run smoother. This way I will be paving a solid road for future growth with the company that I am with and opening a door for advancement. Personally, I just became a father and to be a strong figure in my daughter’s life is the most important thing to me. I want to forge the bond that not everybody gets by giving her the best childhood I can, and allowing her all the opportunities we can provide.
Professionally and in the long term, I want to maintain my motivation for continuing to learn one new thing every single day. Just yesterday I had a conversation where I had the realization that so many people spend so much money to go to college, and the endgame is a job or money. I worded it like this “It’s almost a shame, I remember taking Russian History in college because I wanted to know more about Russian History. It seems like most people merely get the knowledge as a means to acquire dollars, as opposed to using the dollars as a means to gather knowledge.”
If you break down our two dollars, they are exactly the same currency.  The only differentiating factor is the knowledge or skill to acquire it … If one were truly wealthy, they would hold the most knowledge, not the largest bank account.; That is my long-term aspiration, continual growth through knowledge. On a personal side, I hope to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My father passed away when I was a young adult, but he had cancer when I was in high school and college. I spent most of that time knowing that he probably wasn’t going to see any of my major life events, like getting married or having children. That’s one piece of knowledge I would have rather not had. I need to continue playing Ice Hockey and stay shape so I can be there for all great moments in my children’s lives. Many nights when my daughter was just a few weeks old, I remember pacing the floor worried about one thing or another thinking, ‘I could really go for some support right now’. So, I have an obligation to make sure I am there to provide that support to my own down the road… way... way … way down the road.

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