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Joseph M. Delghingaro

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Accountant/Business Analyst

Hi I'm Joe!


“By 2020, the amount of data will have grown 44-fold, to 35 trillion gigabytes.” Or 50 times what it is today. - survey by Gantz and Reinsel (IDC Report)

The face of business is changing rapidly as hard papers wisp into years of data available instantly. Let me be your harbinger through this new frontier of intellectual business where tools like Predictive Analytics guide our financials with unprecedented accuracy as we enter this renaissance of intellectual knowledge.

My goal is to use my experience to add positive growth for my company or organization and develop strong relationships with my business partners by producing accurate financial mechanisms that give them the confidence to make all their business decisions.

I will achieve these results by employing my core values that I hold dearest to myself.

  • Honesty – No matter the size, as an accountant and a person I have a responsibility to deliver the truth
  • Openness – Transparency is the precursor to honesty and I have a duty not to cloak information
  • Innovation – A goal to learn at least one thing every single day and strive for continuous improvement
  • Intuition – To anticipate the needs of my business partners and provide them with the best information before they need it
  • Fortitude - The resolute endurance of mind that encounters a stressful situation with poise and confidence


Oct 2016 - Present

Director of Business Intelligence @ Whitmor Inc

From Oct 2016 to Present

Southaven, MS (Oct 2016 – Present)

About the company:

“For over 70 years, Whitmor has been bringing organization home. Our passion for organization is driven by the desire to simplify life, to make everyday tasks quicker and easier so you have more time for what you like.”

Whitmor Inc is a large distributor of home organizational goods. They service both e-commerce and brick & motor, providing private label and Whitmor branded goods to the largest retailers. This includes, Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, Mejier's and more. Using factory's throughout Asia, Mexico and part's of Europe; Whitmor hosts and international supply chain along with large-scale centralized distribution.

My Key Assets:

As the Director of Business Intelligence, I match my history in Financial Accounting and Reporting with years of experience building and maintaining databases to develop tools, models, and custom applications to deliver tangible business knowledge to our Executive team and Whitmor's business leaders.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Generate daily Amazon reports for the entire organization detailing problem areas from pricing issues to inventory shortages for over 900 + items.
  • Manage one direct report and fix all ERP related error's from our ERP system (TGI)
  • Maintain data integrity in our ERP's database and update into Catsy.  (Our PIM for housing our product information)
  • Create Excel workbooks to aid in complex tasks and month end close by integrating VBA programming and complex 'in cell' functions which help our team perform their jobs in a timely manner or aid in data validating results before problems arise
  • Rollover dates, load budgets and prepare TGI for the new year.
  • Create new Financial Reports for the upcoming year


  • Manage and maintain information integrity of all business data reports. This includes all ERP data and the ERP system along with subsidiary databases for web-based analytics.
  • Deliver insights to business through the production of sales and inventory models utilizing ERP data and statistical models.
  • Generate incremental business value by providing Supply Chain with tools that help them navigate thousands of products and maintain optimal inventory levels.
  • Built a full-stack program in SQL and Python to extract web data from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Wayfair and to analyze price parity, inventory levels and mitigate risks associated with Amazon and online retailers price wars. This massive system consumes a couple hundred thousand lines of web data per day to maintain accurate real-time insight and is 100% autonomous, including self-checks and maintenance to prevent downtime.
  • Create full-stack web app on Django to consume API and display in a responsive bootstrap HTML5 page.
  • Identify and fix errors in a fully integrated ERP system that go beyond normal ERP maintenance, including safety checks that monitor key warehouse processes to identify errors before they arise.
  • Implemented an online product repository to store digital assets, create ad-hoc online product catalogs and allow access to remote employees without using a VPN.
  • Collaborate with business owners to build a New Item Tracker which is an autonomous tracker that monitors our ERP system when Supply Chain releases a new product to our factories. Following the product as it leaves the factory notifying sales while it is on the ocean to allow time to set up the product among various E-Commerce sites. The tracker updates the product's lifecycle in the ERP system once it is received in our warehouse.
  • Created a product list with images for our sales department. This tool lets our sales team create a custom product list for customers and provides all of their relevant sales data along with an embedded photo of the product.
  • Developed a finance tool which queries our ERP system to automate part of the close process and extracts data to Excel significantly quicker than prior methods.
May 2014 - Oct 2016

Manager of Consolidations and Reporting @ TruckPro Inc

From May 2014 to Oct 2016

Untitled Document

Memphis Tennessee (May 2014 – Oct 2016)

About the company:

“TruckPro, LLC (“TruckPro”), a leading distributor of heavy duty truck and trailer products and advanced repair services”

Founded in 1958 and growing its network to include over 140 retail locations nationwide, TruckPro utilizes over 1800 employees providing a product selection and competitive pricing to continue its growth in the heavy-duty truck parts industry.   Recent acquisition in Fall 2013 allowed TruckPro to nearly double its footprint and move to the Western US, Alaska and Canada.

My Key Assets:

As the  Manager of Consolidations and Reporting, I work closer with Regional Controllers from the recently acquired CCI Corporation to consolidate their financial statements with TruckPro Inc.  In addition, I have created a database to load, re-map and convert 13 different General Ledgers into TruckPro's reporting structure to provide comparable financials.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide accurate Ad-Hoc analysis for leadership team to view financial information from perspectives not previously available
  • Review our current reports in FRx and Management Reporter and update (as needed) for relevant changes in corporate structure
  • Work with Regional Controllers and Accountants, providing support and diligence as we convert CCI stores over to TruckPro systems and regulations
  • Create Excel workbooks to aid in complex tasks and month end close by integrating VBA programming and complex 'in cell' functions which help our team perform their jobs in a timely manner or aid in data validating results before problems arise
  • Review CCI monthly reserves and reserve calculations to ensure proper compliance company wide
  • Consolidate monthly financial statements and roll CCI regions into TruckPro Inc financial statements
  • Translate 13 different trial balances into TruckPro's ERP to provide standardized reporting
  • Manage Intercompany accounts payable between TruckPro Inc and 13 separate reporting entities within CCI
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators during month end close with CCI entities and report to senior management
  • Prepare Same Store Sales report that is used as a template for TruckPro store structure and produces an consistent average daily sale calculation for all comparable stores
  • Work with external auditors in preparation of annual audit, by acting as the conduit between TruckPro corporate and Regional CCI Controllers for obtaining information
  • Roll annual financials for CCI entities in TruckPro's ERP system, including any year-end close calculations


  • Created an MS SQL database to store and convert 13 different General Ledgers in 2 currencies to one standardized TruckPro General Ledger
  • Developed an Excel tool that performs similar function as above, allowing controllers in the field to convert their GL into TruckPro's.  This tool will also produce TruckPro reports using their information so they can see how it will integrate within TruckPro's system before submittal
  • Created an SG&A bridge using transactional data that quickly shows large variances from budget and provides drilled in detail to see exactly which stores are leading to variances
  • Programmed multiple tools that provide data validation for converting financial data and budgets from stores converting to TruckPro systems
  • Created a new company with in Microsoft Great Plains for CCI acquisition that houses all CCI financial information from 2013 to present
  • Using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Microsoft Integration manager, I have created a nexus to upload hundreds of thousands of lines of financial information in minutes
Sept 2013 - May 2014

Financial Analyst @ Thomas and Betts

From Sept 2013 to May 2014

Untitled Document

Memphis Tennessee (September 2013 – May 2014)

About the company:

Thomas & Betts (NYSE: TNB) is a designer and manufacturer of connectors and components for electrical and communication markets.

Founded in 1898 by Robert M. Thomas and Hobart D. Betts, Thomas and Betts has paved the road for low voltage electrical equipment and tools.  Most notably inventing the cable tie in the late 1950's, one of the many innovations that aid TNB in becoming a global leader in low voltage equipment.

ABB acquired Thomas & Betts for $3.9 billion in 2012 to synergize from TNB's strong distribution chain within the United States

My Key Assets:

At Thomas and Betts my primary job function was to provide relevant and accurate financial information to our senior sales and marketing team. I completed this function by producing financial reports and preforming Ad Hoc financial analysis.

Accuracy in financial reporting was paramount while working for this large company. Starting with the financial statements and working through our reporting software (COGNOS), we worked “hand in hand” with IT to ensure that all financial information provided reconciled back to the General Ledger.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide accurate Ad-Hoc analysis for senior sales and marketing team
  • Using Visual Basic for Applications, I created tools to help our team automate many routine tasks
  • Worked with our many large vendors to acquire Point of Sale data. I created multiple tools that would use algorithms (Fuzzy logic) to identify part numbers that were rejected by our database
  • Created our Monthly Sales Report (> 100 pg). This document would gather data from multiple databases and reporting tools and itegrated into one report that was used by Senior VP during monthly sales calls with Regions
  • Created scorecard using Microsoft Excel that would automatically query our data warehouse to update sales information for senior sales managers
  • Worked "hand in hand" with IT department to process millions of line of POS data. I worked from inception of POS reports from vendors to validation of resale data in our final resale sales reports


  • Using Visual Basic for Applications and Microsoft Excel I created many tools to help our team perform their monthly tasks
  • Wrote a program that would access ABB's international web parts locator and parse "incorrect" part numbers against the website to identify correct part numbers. The program would then upload this data into our POS database and update sales information
  • Monte Carlo Simulations – I created a tool that allowed users to enter manufacturing information into the model to test pricing “What-if” scenarios
  • Statistical Regressions –Find variables in sales data by examining the correlation in sales performance and market factors to determine drivers for product volatility.
Apr 2011 - Jul 2013

Assistant Controller @ Waste Connections

From April 2012 to Jul 2013

Denver Colorado (April 2011 – Sept 2011)
Memphis Tennessee (Sept 2011 – July 2013)

About the company:

“Waste Connections (NYSE: WCN) is an integrated solid waste services company that provides solid waste collection, transfer, disposal and recycling services in mostly exclusive and secondary markets”

With over 7000 employees and rapidly growing through many acquisitions, Waste Connections found a strong niche in rural and secondary markets that were not receiving the service from the larger competition while still receiving the economies of having key asset position. Waste Connections saw continued growth in Revenue in 2012 of 1.6 Billion as a company.

My Key Assets:

Most of my time at Waste Connections, I was solely responsible for a $35 million hauling company with an attached transfer station in Memphis, TN. Along with two smaller construction and demolition landfills in Olive Branch, MS.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Review and sign off on AP batches, customer refunds and expense reports ensuring that they have proper support per corporate guidelines
  • Reviewed reports for errors and worked with Corporate to comply with data governance
  • Post all AR and Charge batches in the billing system once verified, reviewed, and signed off
  • Reviewed manual invoices prepared for larger customers or third party vendors
  • Reviewed and posted all journal entries for month end close
  • Prepared financial statements in accordance with GAAP, analyzed variances from prior forecasts/budgets and worked alongside operations department developing action initiatives for material market fluctuations
  • Reconciled balance sheet to the general ledger and signed off on regulatory filing of 10Q
  • Led accounting team by instituting weekly staff meeting and participating active round table discussions
  • Constructed mid-month forecasts with operations team prior to submission for review
  • Administered spontaneous internal control audits, particularly involving cash to minimize risk exposure
  • Maintained responsibility for fixed asset schedule, including selling / disposing / purchasing capital assets
  • Worked with operations team to prepare an annual budget for division review. Worked with other controllers in the division to roll division together for region review. Presented budget reviews to the executive team for board review and approval
  • Interacted with IT aiding in implementations and upgrades by notifying users of all pending system changes and outages for district
  • Contributed to internal and external audits by providing documents and support for ongoing engagements
  • Critiqued Sarbanes Oxley Checklists for internal controls and created original lists for newly acquired districts


  • Created an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for thousands of customers when operations needed to adjust routes
  • Developed and improved financial mechanisms for the Sales and Operations department as needed using Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel
  • Reduced bad debt by 40% in 2012 by restructuring incentive plan and new collections methods
  • Monitored pricing index for both services and surcharges based on the local market conditions and developed matrix to forecast accurately
  • Launched division wide training classes specializing in accounting, financial statement analysis, forecasting, and Microsoft Excel
  • Automated the calculation of manual sales commission process using Visual Basic programme worksheet and distributed to multiple districts within company
Jan 2011 - Apr 2012

Jan-Apr 2011

From Jan 2011 - Apr 2011

Rockford, IL to Denver, CO

Why Did I leave RKJ Enterprises back in 2011?

This was not a career move I made voluntarily. When the housing market started to slip in 2007 and then plummeted in 2008, we (being in Rockford Illinois) were not in a bad area (so I thought). Housing prices were already low, compared to anywhere closer to Chicago, and the tail-whip of the stock market crash had not cracked yet.

September 30, 2008 U.S. House votes against the bailout plan for banks failing on subprime mortgages. The Dow Jones Industrial Average immediately began to slide, as investors feared the worst when banks threatened they might be insolvent.

This is where things start taking a turn for us. On top of the financial bailout, the government also had to make a decision on an automotive bailout. Seeing that U.S. Auto manufactures were significantly down on sales, Free Market Economics would let them fail. However, the diagram below, you see this leaves many hungry people in the United States. Inevitably, mine was one of those mouths.

GM received its bailout. However two days before Christmas the town of Janesville WI (miles from Rockford) got a lump of coal in its stocking. When it got news it was closing despite the bailout as the oldest GM plant in the country. Originally opened in 1919, this plant built the town of Janesville.

Less than five miles away from RKJ Enterprises, where a bulk of their customers worked, was a Chrysler plant. Their news was not much better because in May 2009 992 plant employees laid off as the plant shut from three shifts to one.

Fast forward two more months, Mayor Morrissey releases he is going to lay off workers because as quoted by the Mayor himself “We don’t have the Luxury to print our own money, like they do on the Federal Level”

Fast forward two more months, Mayor Morrissey released he is going to lay off workers and was quoted saying “We don’t have the Luxury to print our own money, like they do on the Federal Level” Despite all of this, my dedicated Sales, F & I, Parts and Service Managers rallied together and kept margins where they needed to be for the owners. We were even able to develop creative new marketing strategies and attract customers from further than we had ever reached, but in the end it was getting bleaker and Jobless claims in the area continued to rise.

As one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, I had to tell my employees just before the holidays in 2011 that the company was going to be dissolving. We were all going into the New Year unemployed.

I moved out to Denver and started working with Waste Connections by the end of April 2011. My period of unemployment with a cross-country move was only four months.

Aug 2010 - Jan 2011

Adjunct Instructor @ Rock Valley College

From Aug 2010 to Jan 2011

Rockford, IL

In 2010, I received a great opportunity to instruct an Accounting class at Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL. This gave me a chance to give some of the accounting knowledge I have learned back to eager students as they decide which career path to explore. This was a wonderful chance to be in front of the class and challenge myself to something very different than the standard position and take away some outstanding tools that I continue to use when presenting classes on topics from "Understanding Financial Statements" to "Advanced Formula Writing and Data Manipulation in Excel".

  • Taught Introduction to Accounting class of 35 students at a collegiate level
  • Designed “Introduction to Accounting” curriculum for college level students
  • Prepared materials and tests for accounting class
  • Ensured student success by opening my calendar and allowing flexibility for students with outside jobs
Jul 2006 - Jan 2011

General Manager @ RKJ Enterprises

From Jul 2006 to Jan 2011

Rockford, IL

About the company:

RKJ Enterprises DBA Honda of Rockford was the Financing side of Power sports dealership in Northern Illinois. RKJ comprised of four departments; Sales, Parts, Service and Accounting/Finance. In 2007-08, a fifth department opened selling intangible items such as extended warranties, gap insurance and more to help protect customer purchases.

RKJ Enterprises offered a vast amount of exposure since it had aspects of the retail, service and manufacturing industry all under one roof. RKJ Enterprises was a locally owned business that experienced extreme seasonality causing forecasts to mirror that of RV Industry. With annual sales of about 1.5 million per year, it was always about being diligent strong leader and focused on accuracy in your forecasts meet your bottom line.

Primary Responsibilities:


  • Approved and drafted AP checks to submit to vendors
  • Held weekly round table discussion panel with department managers to discuss current and future successes/shortcomings
  • Sign off on daily cash reconciliations and bank deposits
  • Met with owners to present key business issues


  • Manage general ledger closing and maintenance, including posting adjusting entries
  • Prepared and analyzed income statements, balance sheets, and statement of cash flows
  • Oversaw all payroll functions and submitted monthly payroll tax payments
  • Reviewed all department forecasts, rolled up into consolidated forecast, prepared variance report for any current month departures and presented to owners
  • Calculated and prepared sales and use tax filings for owner sign off
  • Performed monthly large vehicle inventory audit


  • Prepared employee W2 Forms using QuickBooks Financial Software
  • Prepared and submitted the preliminary draft of corporate tax return to outside accounting firm for verification
  • Compiled annual income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows from composite months
  • Submitted financials to lending institutions to maintain premium-financing rate on inventory credit line
  • Managed annual parts inventory audit and performed any accounting adjustments for shrinkage
  • Placed large annual inventory order with Honda Motor Company for 6-9 months worth of inventory


  • Implemented ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system by ADP allowing real time view of intercompany business functions
  • Developed sales training structure using hybrid of 4 square model and 10-step process to meet needs of larger scope of customers
  • Streamlined sales process to model “just in time” manufacturing process to maximize over customer satisfaction and after sale purchases
  • Benchmarked service department to operate as a manufacturing center; techs utilized to capacity pushing production increases
  • Envisioned marketing strategy to rebrand company, resulting in 50% revenue increase
  • Established relationships with customers and requested to help those with issues to reestablish customer loyalty
  • Fostered growth from my department heads by aiding in the creation of key performance indicators(KPI) based on particular business unit need. Resulting in marketing strategies that brought in 25% growth to one business unit alone.
Jul 2005 - Jul 2006

Internal Audit @ CNA Financial Corporation

From Jul 2005 to Jul 2006

Chicago, IL

About the Company:

“As the 7th largest U.S. commercial insurer and the 13th largest U.S. property & casualty insurer, we provide insurance protection to more than one million businesses and professionals in the U.S. and internationally. We understand the importance of being where our customers are. Headquartered in Chicago, CNA has offices throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. In these locations, we work with highly professional independent agents and brokers to ensure our customers receive the personal service and attention they look for in a carrier.[1]

Financial Strength

Businesses can rely on CNA's financial strength and stability. CNA is highly rated for financial strength by all the major independent rating agencies. We maintain a strong balance sheet - the financial foundation of any insurance company - through a conservative investment philosophy and an ongoing, disciplined evaluation of assets and liabilities. CNA is well positioned to withstand the challenging conditions in the financial and insurance markets.”

CNA Insurance is 90% owned by the holding company, Loews Corporation, whom also has ownership stake in the following. Loews Corporation ranks 190 on the Fortune 500 list of largest American companies. Site Fortune 500[2]

  • The operation of luxury hotels and resorts Loews Hotels, a wholly owned subsidiary)
  • The operation of offshore oil and gas drilling rigs Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. a 50.4%-owned subsidiary)
  • The operation of an interstate natural gas transmission pipeline system (Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, a 55%-owned subsidiary)
  • The exploration, production and marketing of natural gas, natural gas liquid (NGLs) (predominantly ethane and) and, to a small extent, oil (HighMount Exploration ; Production LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary)[3]

Primary Responsibilities:
Broken out by stages of the Audit

Strategy & Preparation Stage:

  • Studied prior work-papers and interviewed with Senior Managers / Vice Presidents to discover if their were any existing issues that needed to be addressed
  • Interviewed audit client to form strong working relationship and better understanding of systems prior to the audit engagement
  • Reviewed Internal Control flow charts to ensure that processes have had not changed since last engagement
  • Draft engagement letter to be reviewed by a manager before submitting to head of department
  • Spent significant time field testing reinsurance using the ACT verifying indemnities, contract terms, and incurred amounts and expensed
  • Established sample populations using confidence level, expected deviation rate, tolerable rate and the entire population
  • Ensured daily communication along with exit interview with department heads of audit progress to maintain a relationship with client
  • Prepared drafts of preliminary audit reports with audit findings and submit to audit manager


  • Create a list of items to correct from audit testing and followed up with the client to ensure actions carried out
  • Communicate with the rest of Audit team and senior management opinion on overall risk assessment


  • Gained in-depth knowledge of the Property and Casualty insurance industry
  • Worked with Accounting Fraud department on engagements performing data analytics and gaining knowledge of Forensics
  • Developed successful interpersonal business-skills working with many people over short time span
  • Reviewed and Tested Sarbanes Oxley internal Control procedures


1.^ / Retrieved 2013-09-15
2.^ CNNMoney. Fortune 500, 2012
3.^ / Retrieved 2013-09-15


Jun 2004 - 2005

University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana

From 2004 to 2005

College of Business
Masters in Accounting

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I immediately went straight in U of I's graduate program where I continued garnering knowledge with an additional 7 courses in accounting earning me an Accounting GPA of 3.5. This time I focused on more complex accounting issues, accounting for derivative instruments, financial statement analysis, fraud accounting, and Real Estate Finance and Business Law. I received my graduate degree in May of 2005.

    Relevant Course Work

  • Accounting Concepts and Principles (ACCY 511)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (ACCY 517)
  • Legal issues in Real Estate (BADM 443)
  • Practical Problems in Accounting (ACCY 398)
  • Risk Measurement/Reporting II (ACCY 512)
  • Principles of Business Law (BADM 403)
2000 - 2004

University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana

From 2000 to 2004

College of Business
Bachelors in Science in the field of Accounting

Graduated in 2004, from an Alumni Mater that has prided itself as a great institution developing tomorrow's great minds today. I graduated U of I with a cumulative GPA of a 3.5 and completed 8 accounting courses spanning from Assurance and Attestation, Cost Accountings - Decision making, Accounting institution and regulations, Internal Control Systems, Taxation and more. While away from the books, I co-founded a student organization with the mission to provide accounting students with more opportunities hosting corporate presentations teaching important lessons about the dynamic world of Accounting.

    Relevant Course Work

  • Acct Measurements and Disclosure (ACCY 301)
  • Decision Making for Accounting (ACCY 302)
  • Accounting Institution and Regulation (ACCY 303)
  • Accounting Control Systems (ACCY 304)
  • Assurance and Attestation (ACCY 305)
  • Principles of Taxation (ACCY 312)
  • Business Policy and Strategy (BADM 389)

Projects and Volunteer Work

Aug 2013 – Oct 2013

Mid-South Amateur Hockey Association

Accounting ERP Integration and Creation of Financial Statements

I accepted a project to streamline reporting for Mid-South Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) by consolidating six independently managed arms of MAHA, into one consolidated company with Inter-company interaction between each subsequent arm.

Project Highlights

  • Consolidate seven separate financial reconciliations along with numerous vendors and inter-company transactions into one organized hierarchy with one functioning main account that pyramids down to each subsequent arm of the organization.

  • Reconcile 24 months along with 7 bank reconciliations, while abstracting vendor and customer (hockey player) information to prepare for Accounting software integration

  • Convert all bank rec’s into compatible IIF file to be used as upload/conversion tool for system integration

  • Prepared Quickbooks as ERP and created the chart of accounts, General Ledger and all subsequent ledgers (sub-ledgers)

  • Imported all data back from the inception of MAHA while maintaining every school as a separate Line of Business (LOB)

  • Audited completed financials to ensure conversion was complete and accurate

  • Created individual A/R accounts for each player to record payments and fundraising credits earned throughout the year from indefinite amount of sources

  • Prepared standardize Point of Sale (inventory) to utilize 100% of POS functionality of Quickbooks

  • Trained MAHA treasurer how to utilize the most functionality of the ERP system


Progress bar represents total years experience. Full bar = 8 Years


Financial Preparation
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
Internal Control Process
Very good
Financial Statement Analysis

Systems and Programs

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft GP 2013
SQL Server
Cognos BI
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Access
Crystal Reports

Languages and Tech Specific Skills

Visual Basic
Statistical Analysis


"I enjoyed working with Joe in 2012. Through his detailed work ethic, he was able to pick up on financial trends that were not easily identifiable at the time. His leadership brought methodical processes into his department that provided cohesiveness between our groups."Brian Chesson | Ops Manager @ Republic Services

"Joe DelGhingaro has an excellent business model. However, there are two line items that stick out the most...encouraging his employees to recognize that customers are always first and for them to think out of the box. He definitely does so by taking his fathers business to an entirely different level. Joe is creative, energetic and honest..."

Robert King | Executive Director @ Booker Washington Center

Okay, this is AWESOME. Recently I got in touch with Joe Delghingaro, who is currently in transition. Joe is a professional accountant/business analyst. He is “highly mobile,” according to his profile… you can probably see that with his current location (Tennessee) and the area code of his phone (303 – Colorado).

Joe sent me a few emails and he is clearly very analytical, has great suggestions, and a great sense of humor. Then, I went to his website (which, of course, is his name: and was blown away.

Go check it out, let me know what you like. Here are things I like:

    1. Joe is smart enough to get his own domain. Please tell me you got yours…?
    2. It is CLEAN. It is really just one page. The menu on the left is easy to figure out, and there isn’t really anything here except high-value content.
    3. I love the picture of Joe and his wife (I assume that is his wife… he told me he is married).
    4. Before I scroll down I see his title… while this isn’t a tagline (a tagline would help here), it’s clear what he’s looking for, or what he specializes in.
    5. I like the top narrative in the gray box. I think it can be worded stronger, but it’s really good. I also like the map of the US and says he is willing to relocate.
    6. I like how he makes it EASY to communicate with him… scroll down to the personal information area and you’ll find it quite easy to reach out. (I would put this up higher, to the right of his picture)
    7. I love his experience section, and how fleshed out it is.

I love… the rest. I love it all.

Clean, informational, easy to reach him. This is AWESOME. Great job Joe!

Jason Alba | Creator of